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My Magic Pajamas

My Magic Pajamas

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An empowering storybook accompanied by a set of Magic Pyjamas, My Magic Pyjamas is a story book which is accompanied by a fantastically presented set of ‘Magic Pyjamas’ containing very clever features including ‘Glow-in-the- Dark’, ‘Dream-Catchers’, ‘Worry Pockets’ and a ‘Invisibility Button’. The storybook

tells the story of a child called Cat, whose dreams turned to nightmares and overcame her night fears by finding Nana Lou’s Magic Pyjamas with the ‘Googly Eyes’. Cat cleverly used the pyjamas to banish the night time terrors and sleep through the night. A fabulous design and story written by award winning author Richie Conroy. This is ‘Sleep Time Success’!